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The lighting industry is evolving rapidly and staying informed is imperative.  
We would love to send you more information about any products you are interested in.
Our agency also values visiting our customers with new products to show what is new in the industry.
Please don't hesitate to contact RD Sales for anything you need.

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Don Lagimodiere         - dlagimodiere@rdsales.ca
Bob Lagimodiere          - rlagimodiere@msn.com 
Shaun Stanier               - sstanier@rdsales.ca
Cathy Daman                - cdaman@rdsales.ca
Jing Jia                            - jjia@rdsales.ca
Mark Tully                     - mtully@rdsales.ca
Chris Almeida               - calmeida@rdsales.ca
Morgan Lalonde           - mlalonde@rdsales.ca
Shawn Starosilec          - sstarosilec@rdsales.ca
Nick Mark                       - nmark@rdsales.ca
Mark Klusa                     -mklusa@rdsales.ca
Eric Williamson              -ewilliamson@rdsales.ca
Lyle Mustard                  -lmustard@rdsales.ca

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104 - 120 Fort St.

Winnipeg, MB R3C 1C7



T: (204) 943 - 7090

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